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Lean Lee, Your Trusted Business Partner in
plastic packaging manufacturing.
Founded since 1945, now one of the leading
specialist of plastic packaging bags &
products in Malaysia.

Founded since 1945 by late Mr. Khaw Chooi Ark (passed away in 1966), Lean Lee was first started off producing old newspaper bag in Penang. This family owned business has then begun its entrepreneurial journey.

It was taken over by the second generation of the family (5 children of Mr. Khaw Chooi Ark) and formed the Board of Directors. At that time, the business was diversified to producing plastic packaging bags, straw and poly rope. Now, it is the third generation who is managing the business with the headquarters in Juru, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

With all of the values and culture passed down from generation to generations, we never ceased to keep improving the product and service quality that we are able to provide.

We believed that to remain competitive both locally and globally, employees play the vital role in helping the company to stay ahead in business. Thus the work force of over 220 employees are given equal opportunities irrespective of their job functions and positions in terms of training and educational programs with the goal of realized their full potentials through development of their personal and professional skills.

We further expanded its wings in 2004, by acquiring the new strategic business location situated in Juru, Bukit Mertajam, Penang in move of meeting the growing demands of the customers both locally and globally. The plastic products manufactured and supplied by the company are diversified and includes LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE, PP bags and sheets of various sizes.

Lean Lee is also committed to make this world a better place by exercising 5R as our codes of practice and constantly involved in charitable activities to help shaping a loving and caring society.


To be the leading provider of plastic packaging bags and products for both domestic and international customers.


To gain customers confidence by providing gold class service.


We are committee in providing products of high quality and reasonable price within stipulated lead time through motivation.


We, at Lean Lee shall be commited to comply with the requirements and continual improvement on the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in the manufacturing of plastic packaging bags by: “QUALITY IS OUR BUSINESS”


The fundamental principles of Lean Lee’s corporate culture that shared among the top management and the employees.
It guides us to behave, think, act and spread the right concept in the pursuit of both individual and company greatness.






Founder of Lean Lee Trading Co.
Late Mr Khaw Chooi Ark (1945 – 1966)

Late Mr. Khaw Khoon Hai (1966 – 1996)

Our company was founded in 1945 by late Mr. Khaw Chooi Ark, from humble beginning started manufacturing of old news paper bag product manufacturing.

There was massive growth and development under the guidance of our founder. Lean Lee was soon established as one of the successful entrepreneur model and passed down to the second generation of the family.

As led by late Khaw Khoon Hai, under his charismatic leadership and confidence, he diversified Lean Lee’s production line from just paper product manufacturing to plastic packaging bags & film manufacturing too. Time proves that he had made the right decision with our excellent result with manufacturing of high quality plastic packaging bags over all these years.

Now, being a 3rd generations family owned business, we were relocated to our head office at Juru, Bukit Mertajam, Penang in 2004.

When plastic products are now a common daily consumption products with ever increasing demands, we have expanded our manufacturing facilities to over 6.5 acres of land covering the production , quality control, warehousing and trading of plastic resin.

We have inherited numerous business values since the foundation of the company to make sure we are always working towards the right direction:

• Trustworthiness
• Long term business partners relationship for more than 30 years
• Consistency in our products,
• Continuous improvement in the durability of our products

We, strive hard to keep abreast of the ever changing packaging industry and our staff (some of whom have over 40 years of experience in the industry) are our greatest assets in this endeavor. We pride ourselves in offering a high level of good service whether that be in relation to delivery on our promise to customers, product quality or technical advice.

We are now focusing on strong growth, with capabilities of achieving a production output of 1,400 tonnes per month, producing a wide range of plastic packaging bags including our environmentally friendly products i.e. recyclable and degradable for our domestic and international markets including Australia, Canada, Fiji, Germany, Ireland, Mauritius, New Zealand, PNG, Qatar, Reunion Island, Singapore,United Kingdom, Yemen & etc.

Our products applications area covers garbage bags, packaging industry for fruits, meat and food processing, agricultural, pharmaceutical, building & constructions, general use such as pallet bags/cover and etc.

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We adopt solar energy solutions since 2017 to help minimise global warming by generating over 2million kWh of clean energy annually, reducing carbon emission by 1,482 tonnes or planting 7,410 trees every year.



Lean Lee Trading founded by late
Mr. Khaw Chooi Ark.


Major expansion helmed by the second generation,
late Mr. Khaw Khoon Hai.


Awarded ISO 9001 – Quality
Management System Certification.


Safety & Health Policy


5S Good Housekeeping
Management System Certification


Business expanded by the
3rd generation through acquisition of new business
location in Juru, Bukit
Mertajam, Penang.


Philantrophic Charitable
Complimentation by
Persatuan Kebajikan
Kanak-Kanak Cacat Yee
Ran Jing Sheh.


Committed to the
Environmental Policy in our
manufacturing processes.


Implementation of 5R.


Social Responsibility –
Donated one unit of Fire
Engine to Juru Bomba.